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Emergency function Locked out! Now what?

Every property owner had it happen: A tenant has locked himself/herself out and the key is still inside.

Now you're in a pickle. With a built-in emergency feature in your door cylinders, it is child's play to open the door from the outside with a replacement key – even though the key is inserted.
Therefore, equip your residential properties with door cylinders with integrated emergency feature as standard. This saves your tenants having to call a locksmith.

Emergency function © ABUS

Thanks to a special technical structure inside, lock cylinders with an emergency function can be locked from the opposite side with a second corresponding key even when a key is in the lock on the other side. 

This makes it easy, for example, to open the flat door with a replacement key if you have accidentally locked yourself out and the key is still inserted on the inside of the door. In the case of door cylinders without this feature, a professional locksmith has to open the door when the key inserted inside blocks the cylinder. This comes with considerable costs.

Save lives in an emergency

As the name suggests, however, the function is also very helpful in dangerous situations. If a person inside the flat needs help and can no longer reach the front door on their own, a door cylinder with the emergency function can save lives in an emergency, since the door can be opened despite the key being in the lock inside.

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