Deluxe Pouch Kit

Deluxe Pouch Kit K915 (97179)

The deluxe safety pouch kit has the main components to ensure your facility is OSHA-compliant.

  • WARNING:  Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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The deluxe safety pouch kit includes a B102 large pouch, two 74/40 insulated padlocks, two 74HB/40-75 insulated padlocks, three E202 multi-pole breaker lockouts, one E250 wall switch lockout, one P110 small power plug lockout, one P550 large power plug lockout, a STO702 1.5" hasp, two STO702 1.5" hasps, a T100 "Do Not Operate" tag, a ten-pack of cable ties, and a V305 2.5"-5" gate valve lockout.


  • Includes: (2) 74/40 Padlocks, (2) 74HB/40 Padlocks, (2) 1" Hasp, (2) 1 1/2" Hasp, (3) Breaker Lockouts, (1) Wall Switch Lockout, (1) 2 1/2" - 5" Gate Valve Lockout, (1) Large Plug Lockout, (1) Small Plug Lockout, (10) Tags, (10) Ties, (1) Lockout Bag
  • Unrippable vinyl with matte surface to withstand moisture
  • Recycled plastic, high quality, made in the USA


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