The weatherproof 183AL combination lock is ideal for outdoors!

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It is ideal for securing items and objects of medium value.

Thanks to the aluminum lock body as well as code dials and internal parts made of stainless steel, this lock is highly weather-resistant and therefore suitable for outdoor use. An additional advantage is that you can replace the shackle, so the lock can be quickly adapted to individual requirements. The five code dials allow 100,000 different combination possibilities, which increases the security of the lock. In addition, the security against picking is enormously high due to the precision locking mechanism.


General downloads:

Locking type: number combination
colour: silver
Width a: 47 mm
Vertical clearance c: 36 mm
Depth e: 20 mm
Weight [g]: 226 g
Security Level Home Security: 8
Security card: No
color of facets: silver
Horizontal clearance b: 24 mm
Shackle diameter d: 8 mm
Height f: 110 mm
Keyed alike: No
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