Combination lock 155/20 Twins B/EFSPP


Fits in any pocket for sports and leisure: our combination lock 155.

All variants for 155
Colours for 155
The combination lock 155 works very well for protecting objects from casual theft.
Are you looking for a small, easy-to-carry padlock for work or leisure that fits in any pocket? Want to lock your locker or filing cabinet securely? The 155 combination lock could be the lock for you! The 155 is useful for protecting smaller valuables or items from unauthorized access when the risk of theft is low. The steel shackle is unlocked with a three-digit numerical code, which you can set individually.


  • Strong zinc-die cast body with hardened steel shackle
  • 155/20 and 155/30: individually resettable 3-digit code
  • 155/40: individually resettable 4-digit code

Operation and use

  • 155/20 and 155/30: To secure valuables / goods of lesser value or at a low risk of theft
  • 155/40: To secure valuables / goods of medium value or at an average risk of theft
  • To secure bags, suitcases, jewel cases, cash boxes, lockers, etc.


  • Sizes: 20, 30 and 40 mm
  • Colour: chrome (20, 30, 40)
  • Colour: black, white (20, 30)
Locking type: number combination
colour: silver
Width a: 22 mm
Vertical clearance c: 19 mm
Depth e: 14 mm
Weight [g]: 33 g
Security Level Home Security: 3
Design: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
Security card: No
color of facets: silver
Horizontal clearance b: 9 mm
Shackle diameter d: 3 mm
Height f: 54 mm
Keyed alike: No
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