Padlock 64TI/60 B/EFSPP Key


Secure items at average risk of theft with our Padlock 64 TITALIUM™.

All variants for 64 TITALIUM™

Secure items at average risk of theft with our Padlock 64 TITALIUM™.

Whether doors or gates, cabinets or lockers, toolboxes or basements: With this padlock, your valuables are very well protected against theft. The lock body is made of TITALIUM™ special aluminum, which makes it particularly lightweight yet still robust. The paracentric key profile provides increased protection against tampering, making attempts to break open the 64 Titalium padlock more difficult. If you need to connect locking points that are further apart, choose a variant with a high shackle. This allows you to lock even thicker chains or solid locking bolts easily and conveniently.


  • Solid lock body made from TITALIUM™ special aluminium
  • Hardened steel shackle with NANO PROTECT™ coating for extreme corrosion resistance
  • 64TI/50HB60-150: Removable and adjustable shackle from 60 mm to 150 mm
  • Paracentric key profile for increased protection against manipulation
  • Double bolted shackle
  • Chrome-plated cylinder plug for additional corrosion protection
  • Tulip-shaped key head

Operation and use

  • Security for items/goods of medium value or where there is an average risk of theft
  • For securing e.g. chains, doors, gates, cupboards, lockers, tool boxes, cellar windows or sheds


General downloads:

Locking type: key
colour: aluminum
Horizontal clearance b: 34 mm
Shackle diameter d: 10 mm
Height f: 91 mm
Keyed alike: No
Design: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
Security card: No
Width a: 60 mm
Vertical clearance c: 35 mm
Depth e: 19 mm
Weight [g]: 234 g
Security Level Home Security: 6
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