Luggage strap 620TSA


Secure your suitcase with our luggage strap! The TSA cylinder inside is practical: Customs officers can open the luggage strap with a special key and lock it normally.

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Do you always look forward to being reunited with your luggage after a flight? We have an additional safeguard for this: the luggage strap!
This product provides additional protection for your luggage. And if you’re travelling to the USA, the TSA cylinder ensures that customs officials can open the luggage strap using a special key and then lock it again afterwards, without having to damage the luggage strap. The luggage strap is flexible and is therefore suitable for use with different sized items of luggage. It is available in black, blue, red and green, and you only need to remember a three-digit number code to open the luggage strap. You can add your address to the integrated address label, in case your item of luggage goes missing.
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  • Individually resettable 3-digit code
  • Writeable address label included
  • Total length of luggage strap - ca. 192 cm
  • Inclusive opening indicator showing that the luggage strap was opened by a TSA key.

Operation and use

  • Suitable to secure luggage - the length can be adjusted to suitcases with different sizes temporary and flexibly
  • Ideal for journeys to the USA: the luggage can be opened/relocked by the US security authorities without damaging the lock
  • TSA-conform luggage strap lock incl. writeable address label, opening indicator and individually resettable 3-digit code


  • Colours: black, blue, green, red


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colour: red
Weight: 147 g
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