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Team Rad Pack and Girl Pack
Young, urban and cool - cycling with a difference

Refreshingly different - that's how the athletes from Team Rad Pack can be described. They love cycling with every fiber of their bodies, but want to do without traditional club structures. Behind the idea is the event organizer Rad Race, which tries to inspire people to cycle with its very special races (e.g. fixed bikes, last man standing format) and the Tour de Friends. "Our goal is first and foremost not to win races", say Rad Pack athletes, "we want to have the most fun we can at wild and crazy cycling events." Their preferences are broad and range from racing with an entry bike, the fixie, to crosser and mountain bike competitions and even triathlons or time trials. Stefan Schäfer is right at the front in races in the elite class: Together with innovator Peter Bäuerlein, the Brandenburg cyclist won the German champion's title in the motor-paced race at Nuremberg for the fourth time in a row in 2017. Schäfer and Bäuerlein came third at the European Track Championships in Berlin. The female counterparts to the Rad Pack are the athletes from Team Girl Pack. It all started with a bike tour of seven friends across the Alps, which turned into a team that supports each other in all activities on two wheels - and that includes not only racing, but also a cozy cup of cappuccino in practice rounds.  

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