Key ordering

Do you need a replacement key or a copy for an ABUS locking cylinder, bicycle lock or padlock?

You can order replacement keys from your local specialist retailer. Depending on which locking cylinder you are using, you can either present a master key or the code number when reordering.

For cylinders with a security card, the security card must be presented. In this case, delivery may take a couple of days as the retailers do not cut the keys themselves, rather they request them from ABUS.

You can generally have other replacement keys – including those with code cards – cut for you by a specialist security retailer.

Cylinder with security card – an investment in security

ABUS Security card © ABUS

The security card for the locking cylinder guarantees that only authorised persons are able to create copies of your keys. This authorises the carrier to have an identical key cut and must be presented to the specialist shop.

Our tip: only give your key to people that you trust implicitly. If a key falls into the wrong hands, illegally copied keys can enter into circulation without the knowledge of the original key owner. This means you could lose track of how many of your keys are in circulation and who might be able to gain access to your building.

The solution: replace the door cylinder and use a cylinder with a security card. Your ABUS specialist dealer will be happy to advise you on this. Replacement keys for these locking cylinders can only be cut if the security card is presented. This gives you the peace of mind that no illegal copies of your key can enter into circulation.

Security card vs code card

Code card: for basic security

The code card bears a code which can be used by your trusted security expert to cut a replacement key directly on site. Older ABUS locks with cylinders (whether for padlocks, bicycle locks, door cylinders etc.) generally have a code card – previously the gold standard security solution. 

This is how the code card works: The code is located on the key or the card supplied with it. If you require an additional key or a replacement, your specialist dealer will use this code number to cut your key for you. 

This is practical as you do not need to hand over the key, just the card with the code. Alternatively, you can just tell the specialist dealer the code. 

However, the number of keys is not recorded. This means it is not possible to trace how many keys have actually been produced using the code card. 

Security card: our recommendation for you

The security card is an enhanced version of the code card. It’s a security feature which gives you full control of who has a copy of the key and how many are in circulation. 

Here’s how the security card works: if a cylinder – whether it’s for a door cylinder, a bicycle lock, a padlock or something else – is issued with a security card, then a replacement key can only be ordered from a dealer if a security card is presented. This is because only we here at ABUS can cut your replacement key; this is done personally for you at our production sites. The security card significantly increases security when you want to order a second, third or fourth key.

What is the advantage of having both cards? 

It is impossible for fraudsters to “just” copy your key. Regardless of whether it’s your house key, apartment key, bicycle key or another kind of key. 


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