Padlock Steel 83CS/55 ka.


The enormously robust padlock with extra shackle guard secures valuable goods, tools and machines against theft and unauthorised access. Its interchangeable cylinder enables keyed-alike solutions.

  • WARNING:  Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
All variants for Rock 83CS/55
Both the lock body and the shackle of the Rock 83CS/55 resist attempts to break the padlock open with specially hardened steel. The possibility of a keyed-alike solution optimises key management.
As the cylinder can be exchanged, the padlock can be adapted to existing bittings. In other words, you only need one key to unlock several locks. One key can therefore be used to open the warehouse doors and unlock the tool cabinet if desired.
Thanks to its precision pin cylinder, locking and unlocking of the Rock 83CS/55 is particularly smooth. The double bolted locking mechanism inside increases security against manipulation attempts. Thanks to the shackle guard, the lock also offers greater resistance to attacks with tools such as bolt cutters.
Depending on the place of use, it makes sense that the lock can only be locked with the key (key retaining). It's your choice: the Rock 83CS/55 is available in a variant with key retaining and in an automatic version, where pressing down the shackle is sufficient.


  • Lock body and shackle made of hardened special steel
  • Hardened special steel shackle with NANO PROTECT™ coating for very high corrosion protection
  • Double bolted locking mechanism increases the security of the lock
  • 2 variants: with automatic locking by simply pressing down the shackle or with key retaining, i.e. locking only with a key (key retaining is set up by inserting the Z-bar)
  • Rekeyable: the cylinder can be exchanged and thus also adapted to existing bittings
  • Cylinder protection cap against moisture and dust optionally available
  • Precision pin cylinder
  • Closed Shackle (CS): shackle guard makes access using forcing tools such as bolt cutters difficult

Use and application

  • Protection of items of high value and with a very high risk of theft
  • Suitable, among other things, for securing industrial or company gates, warehouses, trailers, containers and garages
  • Flexible: can be adapted to different requirements in a short time thanks to its interchangeable cylinder
  • Can be combined keyed alike with various ABUS door cylinders


General downloads:

Locking type: key
color: silver
Horizontal clearance b: 31/32 inch
Shackle diameter d: 7/16 inch
Height f: 3 21/32 inch
Keyed alike: No
Security card: No
Width a: 2 11/64 inch
Vertical clearance c: 1 5/64 inch
Depth e: 63/64 inch
Weight [lbs]: 1.47 lbs
Security Level Home Security: 9
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