Trust the Original: the Diskus 24IB. Only genuine from ABUS. © ABUS

Diskus® the classic made in Germany

Trust the Original: the Diskus. Only genuine from ABUS.

Do you want to conclude something without complications? But of course! Because why would you want to make your basement or garage accessible to everyone?

We recommend: Protect what is close to your heart! That way you can be carefree elsewhere - without having to give a thought to whether the shed is protected from unauthorized access.

Because with our Diskus, your belongings stay where they belong. And with a lock that has been handmade by us at our headquarters in Volmarstein since 1949. Made in Germany.

0 g - 1 g
Security level
Bracket diameter d
1 mm - 25 mm

The disc padlock is a special form of padlock with special advantages. The disc shape effectively prevents the most common methods of overcoming. The small shackle opening due to the design offers hardly any space for attacks on the shackle. Due to the predominant use of stainless steel, the ABUS Diskus padlock is particularly suitable for use where security and corrosion protection are required.

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