Cable lock 1100 Kids

1100 Kids

Light, quick and colourful: the 1100 Kids Cable Lock with a numerical code is the ideal basic lock for children’s bikes.

All variants for 1100 Kids
Colours for 1100 Kids
Available in pink, blue, green or orange: the 1100 Kids Cable Lock is ideal for locking up a child’s bike.
The affordable entry-level model made especially for young cyclists; the 1100 Kids Cable Lock is for use when the risk of theft is low, and ease of handling – for example, by children – is a key requirement. Weighing only 140g and at 55cm long, it’s easy for young cyclists to use. Children can easily learn how to protect their beloved bikes from thieves. In addition to bright pink, blue, green and orange, the Cable Lock 1100/55 is also available in black, silver and red.


  • 6 mm thick steel cable
  • Plastic coating to prevent damage to the bicycle’s paintwork

Mounting and transportation

  • Easy to transport as the cable can be wrapped around the seat post

Operation and use

  • Basic protection against a low risk of theft
  • Ideal for protecting low-range bicycles and children’s bikes


  • Cable locks are characterised by good flexibility and relatively low weight
  • This lock is also available in blue, red, silver and black
  • The combination lock is particularly suitable for use by several people


General downloads:

alarm function: No
color of facets: blue
Locking type: number combination
Weight [g]: 120 g
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