Cable Lock 660/120 LL +URB URB Bracket (universal frame bracket) Key

Racer 660/120 LL + bracket URB

A cable lock in different lengths.

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The ABUS Racer 660 Cable Lock enables bicycles or their components to be locked with little weight.

The ABUS Racer 660 Cable Lock is available in three different lengths. That way, you can decide before buying what would be the ideal lock length for your everyday cycling and if a reduced weight is important to you.
If you opt for the shortest version of the ABUS Racer 660 Cable Lock, you will receive a 75cm lock which weighs 400g. The medium version is 120cm long and weighs 477g. If you need an extra-long cable lock because you regularly lock multiple bicycles together, for example, you can go for the 185cm version which weighs 550g.


  • 12/15 mm thick, flexible security cable
  • ABUS quality cylinder with keyhole cover and practical reversible key
  • ABUS automatic cylinder with protection against drilling and user-friendly reversible key

Mounting and transportation

  • URB bracket - fits the LL carrier on the lock, for practical mounting to the seat post
  • Seat Post Clamp optional

Operation and use

  • Great protection where there is a low risk of theft
  • Ideal for securing low-cost bicycles
  • The longer the chain, the easier it is to lock the bicycle to a fixed object


  • Cable locks boast excellent flexibility with a relatively low weight
  • The Racer 660 is available in a range of lengths


General downloads:

alarm function: No
color of facets: black
Weight [g]: 477 g
Locking type: key
design color: black
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