Folding lock BORDO™ One 6000A 6000A/120

BORDO™ One 6000A

The smart BORDO™ One 6000A offers everything that distinguishes its proven big brother 6500A: the combination of innovative technology with maximum flexibility and mechanical security.

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Enjoy the advantages of the innovative SmartX cylinder and turn your smartphone into a key: always with you, easy to find and simple to use.
Thanks to integration with the ABUS One app and proven ABUS SmartX™ Bluetooth technology, operation of the bike lock is completely keyless.
Combined with the 100 dB loud alarm to deter bike thieves, it offers you a high level of security for high-value e-bikes and cargo bikes.
For those who want something less smart but still convenient, the BORDO™ One 6000A can be optionally operated with the remote control. In the RC variant (RC = Remote Control), this is included in the scope of delivery; for the other variants, the remote control is available separately.
  • Made in Germany


  • 5 mm thick rods with extra-soft 2-component coating
  • Smart locking system with Bluetooth® connection – user-friendly opening and closing without a key via smartphone
  • Secure SmartX technology with integration in ABUS One
  • Simple and secure integration of multiple users/smartphones
  • Alarm function with min. 100 dB for 15 seconds, then automatic re-arming
  • 3D position detection – detects vibrations and the smallest of movements in all three dimensions and triggers an alarm
  • Smart alarm – the lock only emits a short warning tone in the event of minor and brief vibrations, e.g. if a football bounces nearby
  • USB-C port
  • Storage of the bike’s last parking location
  • LED status display
  • RC variant can be operated via included remote control (for all other variants, the remote control is available separately)
  • Incl. holder (SH)
  • CR123A battery

Operation and use

  • Recommended for smart protection of high-value two-wheelers (bicycle, e-bike, etc.)
  • Keyless opening and closing via smartphone makes everyday handling easier
  • Alarm function increases security in both busy and less frequented locations


General downloads:

ABUS Bordo One 6000A © ABUS
ABUS Bordo One 6000A © ABUS
ABUS Bordo One 6000A © ABUS
ABUS Bordo One 6000A © ABUS


ABUS Bordo One 6000A

alarm function: Yes
color of facets: black
Locking type: Bluetooth®
Weight [g]: 1760 g
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