Will Barras – London

Will Barras, born in 1973, is not only an artist and illustrator, but also an award-winning animation director. He lives and works in London, the capital of the United Kingdom. He grew up in Birmingham, but moved to Bristol in the 90s to study graphic design.

Co-founder of the Scrawl collective

While studying in Bristol, he became aware of the thriving street art scene. Barras was one of a new generation of young artists active in this scene. Together with the artists Steff Plaetz and Mr. Jago, Will Barras founded the Scrawl collective. The collective contributed to a creative movement from which many well-known urban creatives, such as Banksy, have emerged over time. In 1999, Scrawl published a book to document the movement in graffiti, graphic design and illustration.

Barras's narrative works and bold brushstrokes

Whether in Europe, the USA or Asia, Will Barras has already exhibited his works in numerous countries during his travels. He stands out for his unique, narrative compositions and lines. Often the background of the artworks is dark and appears threatening, but then becomes more contrasting and gaudy with the sudden injection of bright tones. Through the colourful palette and bold brushstrokes, Barras imbues his works with enormous energy. His works are figurative, although this is sometimes only apparent on closer inspection. The narratives that find a place on Barras's canvases are inspired from his world: accordingly, the works reflect a modern, urban environment, the speed of movement, female figures or, for example, fast vehicles. For this he uses spray paints as well as wet acrylic paints as a base layer.

Barras's source of inspiration, the urban environment, can also be seen in the Skurb helmet he designed. The décor shows the extraordinary dynamism of his works and reflects his pronounced passion for cycling.

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