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One Key Option Many locks, one key

A lock to connect, a frame lock, a padlock, for e-bikes also a battery lock - if you want to secure your bike properly, you need many keys. That's why we at ABUS offer the ONE KEY system to produce locks for you that you can operate all with one key.


Each key and thus key code fits an ABUS cylinder type. If the cylinder types are identical, a matching bicycle lock can be manufactured. 

Here you can see which bike locks fit your type of key:

Selection guide

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Frequently asked questions

Keyed alike locks can be purchased through an ABUS bicycle dealer. 

Please understand that due to our commitment to the specialist trade, we cannot do a direct transaction with you.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our service team.


The correct code is essential for reordering keyed alike locks. If you have lost the corresponding CodeCard and the key number is not shown on your purchase documents, the key can be read by sending it to an ABUS bicycle dealer.

Then it is possible to remanufacture keys, create a new CodeCard and subsequently order keyed alike locks. 

Custom locks are usually produced at our factory within one week* before the lock is shipped to the dealer where the order was placed.


(*In view of the current worldwide supply situation, production time may vary, shipping times outside of the EU can vary -please ask your dealer for details)

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