ABUS UK: Portishead

ABUS UK Headquarter Bristol, England

ABUS UK Security for Home, Industry & On-the-go

ABUS are a global manufacturer and supplier of innovative security and safety solutions. We have developed high quality, German-manufactured products since 1924. We offer a wide range of solutions comprising cylinder locking systems, padlocks, masterkey systems, CCTV, smart home, access control and mobile security solutions.

Due to sustained international growth of the ABUS brand and an increased demand for our products, ABUS UK was incorporated in 2004 with its headquarters based in Bristol, England. Our UK journey started as a supplier of padlocks into wholesale markets, but today we also work with security partners supplying cylinders, master key systems and access control, as well as other products such as fire safety, mobile security, and industrial safety.

The ABUS brand is known globally for delivering high quality, whilst fully committed to delivering a personal service that works closely with our partners to find a solution that satisfies them and, ultimately, their end-user customer requirements.
Based on the guiding principle "the good feeling of security", ABUS UK supplies and distributes a huge range of both electronic and mechanical security products and systems for home, mobile security and commercial security.

Whether looking to secure residential or commercial premises, perimeter fencing and entrances, manage access levels, secure containers, storage facilities, or even looking to safeguard mobile property such as bikes, ABUS can provide the perfect solution.



Unit 30, Portishead Business Park
Old Mill Road, Portishead
Bristol BS20 7BX
Phone: 0117 204 7000

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