ABUS Leitbild - Wir wollen das Leben ein Stück sicherer machen

Mission statement Making life a little safer

The ABUS company mission statement: the basis of all our operations

  • We are an owner-managed, medium-sized enterprise which is shaped by Christian principles.
  • We respect all people for their uniqueness and cultural diversity. This is inseparably linked with the values that we represent.
  • Honesty, openness, dependability and fairness: these are the core values we exercise in our dealings with employees, customers, suppliers and partners. People are at the heart of everything we do.
  • We respect all persons, regardless of sex, social background or national origin, age, personal affinities, marital status, physical disabilities or religion.
  • For us, the dignity and worth of every person as God's creature are inviolable.
  • We value long-term relationships with employees and partners that are based on true partnership.
  • We combine market-orientated flexibility and individual abilities with team-orientated work processes. To do this we encourage the commitment and initiative of employees at all levels and in all processes.
  • We support the next generation and actively train our staff.
  • We are committed to open communication. Working together should be a joy for everyone involved.
  • We ensure the commercial success of the company by focussing on our customers in all areas of business and consistently implementing changes that users find important with regard to our products. We want to impress our customers.
  • We constantly adapt our organisation to fulfil the tasks at hand and meet our company development goals. We react quickly and are responsive to changes in the market.
  • We are loyal to Germany as the home of our company. In order to safeguard our activities in Germany, we maintain and expand production sites abroad. We take into account the interests of society and the environment in all our corporate decisions.
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