Mit Repeater aus dem WLX Zubehör erweitern Sie Empfang und Reichweite © ABUS

Accessories Extended fields of use

Expand the areas of use and range of your wAppLoxx system.

The wall reader opens up the world of locking and control technology to you and reliably controls important access points such as electronic door openers, motorised locks, electronic barriers or gates. The highlight: the wall reader can be accessed via app – and remotely controls integrated motorised locks.

With the wAppLoxx Pro Repeater, you can extend the wireless range between the control and door components to up to 60 m to reach all components in difficult spatial conditions. Up to 6 repeaters can be used per wAppLoxx Pro Plus Control.

With the electronic padlock, you can secure machines, cupboards, package boxes, doors, gates, etc. and give employees authorisation to open locks directly via their access verification. This saves you additional keys and therefore the associated administrative costs and effort.

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