Multi-pole circuit breaker lockout E222


E222 is the universal lockout device for multi-pole circuit breakers. The lockout device engages behind the switch bar and thus prevents it from being switched on again during maintenance work.

All variants for E222

In the case of multi-pole circuit breakers, the E222 lockout device acts as a maintenance lockout on the miniature circuit breaker and engages in the space between the respective switches, thus securing the Off position.

This prevents the circuit breaker rocker switches from being accidentally moved to the On position during maintenance work.
One to two padlocks can be attached to the E222 as a safety measure, also when using the Lockout-Tagout (LoTo) principle. With the lockout device, the circuit breaker remains in the Off position until it is released again.
Application example - Multi-pole circuit breaker lockout E222


  • High-quality materials: durable, resistant, non-conductive
  • Easy to use with screw mechanism for secure (tool-free) mounting
  • For up to two padlocks with up to 7 mm shackle diameter

Use and application

  • Securing multi-pole circuit breakers for maintenance
  • For attachment of up to two padlocks
color: rot
Weight [lbs]: 0.04 lbs
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