Folding lock BORDO 6000C Folding lock BORDO 6000C

BORDO Combo™ 6000C/90 black without bracket

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Goodbye keys: All you have to do is set a four-digit numerical code and you are ready to use your BORDO™ 6000C.

The BORDO™ 6000 has become a classic over many years - the clever design has won friends all over the world with its high level of security, flexibility and compact size. The 5 mm bars connected with specially designed drill resistant rivets can be folded down to a compact size, making for convenient transport.
The BORDO™ 6000C adds another member to the BORDO™ 6000 family. The C in the product name indicates that this is a combo lock with code. Is there need to worry that the numbers might wear off or fade over time? Not at all - the numbers are not printed. Instead, we produce the code dials from two durable components that guarantee long-term readability.
  • Made in Germany
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Awards & Partners
ABUS seal for Ice Spray Test – Volmarstein, Germany
ABUS Icespray Tested
ABUS seal for Ice Spray Test – Volmarstein, Germany

Awards & Partners


  • 5 mm bars with soft coating to protect bicycles paint finish.
  • The bars and lock body are made of specially hardened steel
  • Bars are connected by special drill resistant rivets
  • Two-component code dials ensures long-lasting legibility
  • Opening code can be set individually
  • Incl. SH holder

Mounting and transportation

  • SH – Lock carrier for easy transport on the bike, which can be mounted without tools thanks to practical fixing straps. The lock is removed frontally from the carrier.
  • Saddlefix SH SF: Lock carrier with adapter for attachment to a saddle. Rain cap included to protect the lock from rain and dirt.

Use and application

  • Good protection for medium theft risk
  • Ideal for protecting good-quality bicycles


  • The combination lock is particularly suitable for use by multiple people
  • BORDO™ family: an ideal combination of resistance, security, flexibility, and travel size


General downloads:

alarm function: No
color of facets: black
Weight [lbs]: 2.31 lbs
Locking type: number combination
design color: black
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