ABUS City Vibes

City Vibes


The project started with six urban helmets, six artists and six major cities. Two artists from Zurich now joined the journey of City Vibes. The result is seven different helmets that capture the unique mood of each city. But there is one thing that unites all the big cities: the cyclists who get to feel the vibe of the cities while commuting, as well as the street art that makes the cities even more colourful, even livelier. The specially interpreted artworks artfully blend into the image of their city.


City Vibes - Zurich © ABUS
City Vibes - Berlin © ABUS
City Vibes - Amsterdam © ABUS
City Vibes - Paris © ABUS
City Vibes - London © ABUS
City Vibes - Kopenhagen © ABUS
City Vibes - Chicago © ABUS


Street art, graffiti, paste-up, illustration or mural painting – art has many faces. Each of the eight artists selected for City Vibes has their own style. This is reflected in the finished artworks. With a lot of creativity, passion and inspiration, the artists have brought the vibe of their city onto the helmet. ABUS accompanied them during the realisation of their ideas and the creation of the helmet artwork. Learn more about the scene greats from Chicago, Amsterdam, Paris, Copenhagen, London, Berlin and Zurich.

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