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Make your everyday life smarter!
Apps replace the key ring. Keyless, secure and smart on the road.
You can operate both your bike lock and your helmet hands-free from your mobile phone. Or you can even turn your smartphone into a house key.

Everything you always wanted to know about SMART:
Here you will find everything about smart products at ABUS. We have the smart solution for you! 
What does smart actually mean and what do I do when my mobile phone battery is dead? We answer the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ at the bottom of the page, or accordingly on the subpages for the products.

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Questions and answers

A product is considered "smart" if it has information about its own manufacturing process and the ability to collect and communicate data during the manufacturing and use phases. 
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Smart objects that act as an interface between the virtual and the real world. This is made possible by various smart technologies.

With the Smart Switch app, you can easily transfer your contacts, settings, apps, photos and more from your old smartphone to your new Samsung Galaxy. It doesn't matter whether you previously owned an iPhone or a Blackberry, for example. You can also conveniently back up data to a PC/Mac or a microSD card with Smart Switch.

Synonyms: [1] bright, capable, sophisticated, witty, [2] cultivated, educated, learned, attractive, chic, dapper, stylish, handsome.
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