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Comfort, safety, and passion - three attributes that riding and cycling have in common and that led to the development of high-quality riding helmets through unprecedented collaborations.



No matter what saddle you're in. Everyone wants to look good, experience the utmost comfort, and be able to get back down safely. ABUS, long-time bicycle helmet specialist and outfitter of the WorldTour Equipe MOVISTAR Team, and Pikeur, leading equestrian outfitter of various Olympic teams, both know this.

With the aim of developing first-class riding helmets, these two brands decided to combine their expert knowledge and revolutionize the world of riding helmets. But they aren’t doing it alone. After all, in order to offer equestrian athletes the highest quality at all levels, top athletes must have the opportunity to voice their concerns without unnecessary bureaucracy.


No one knows better than an actual equestrian professional what makes a good riding helmet. This idea developed into a close cooperation with top athletes Jessica von Bredow-Werndl, double Olympic champion, and Benjamin Werndl, member of the German Olympic squad, from Gut Aubenhausen. 

Together with helmet expert ABUS, the professional athletes developed unique solutions for equestrian sports that combine the highest possible safety, a comfortable ventilation system, and a distinctive design.



Unique design combined with the latest technology and the best comfort - that's high-end. This is the riding helmet AirLuxe from ABUS PIKEUR. Available in three different variants (Pure, Chrome, and Supreme), it stands out for its great variety. Whether matte or glossy, with Long or Short visor, it leaves virtually nothing to be desired. The technical features, such as helmet shells, adjustment and ventilation system are the same on all variants of the AirLuxe. When it comes to design, on the other hand, you can follow your heart and choose your favorite color.

Für Hobbysportler wie auch Profis sind die neuen Reithelme von ABUS PIKEUR ein Hingucker der Extraklasse.

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AirLuxe Chrome shiny black Long Visor ©ABUS

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ABUS Pikeur agrees and offers the universal AirDuo: a children's helmet that is approved for both cycling and riding, and provides the ideal protection for the head of your youngest in both activities. Now there’s no more need to switch between helmets.

Ein Helm für zwei Einsatzgebiete. Entdecken Sie den vielseitigen Kinderreithelm AirDuo von ABUS PIKEUR, der auch als Fahrradhelm geeignet ist.

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Anyone who spends time in the saddle knows the joys of freedom that await on a horse's back: weightlessness, elegance, and power. But the desire for safe head protection also comes up quickly in equestrian sports. After all, even a reliable horse can get spooked once in a while and throw off its rider.

Simone Blum, show jumper and world champion 2018


This makes the riding helmet part of a rider’s most basic equipment. It protects the most important thing we have: our head. But what makes a good riding helmet and what do I need to consider when buying one? We have compiled the most important information about riding helmets for you and answer the most frequently asked questions below:

Frequently asked questions / FAQ

A good riding helmet protects the head from serious injury in equestrian sports and at the same time provides the desired wearing comfort. Of course, looks also play a role, but when buying one, your main focus should be on safety and comfort. Your head will thank you. In order for a riding helmet to actually fulfil its protective function, it must first and foremost fit perfectly. A helmet fits when it encloses the head without pressing. Head size and head shape are decisive factors here. Your head size can be easily determined with the help of our ABUS PIKEUR tape measure. If the riding helmet also has a small adjustment wheel, the size can be adjusted exactly to your head size. The shape of your head is very individual and not every helmet fits equally. It's best to try on several riding helmets in a specialist shop to find your personal favourite.

The optimal wearing comfort is created by an interplay of fit, comfortable padding, and an integrated ventilation system. A good ventilation system provides sufficient air circulation while riding. When a helmet has a sophisticated ventilation system, like ABUS does, you can wear it in both summer and winter. The weight of the helmet also plays a role - especially if you wear your head protection for several hours at a stretch. It should therefore sit comfortably on the head and not be too heavy.

A good riding helmet must always meet the current riding helmet standard VG1 01.040 2014-12 (VG1 for short). This is the only way to ensure compliance with the required minimum standards. 

All ABUS riding helmets comply not only with the current European safety standard VG1, but also with the American ASTM standard and the British Kitemark standard and are PAS 015 ready. The PAS 015 standard sets the highest safety requirements for a riding helmet. With an ABUS helmet, you have the best protection possible around the globe - just like the German equestrian professionals who helped develop the helmets. Learn more about the development process of an ABUS riding helmet and the collaboration with the leading equestrian outfitter PIKEUR here.

When the chin strap is open and the helmet does not slip backwards or into the face when moving. It should fit well on the head without pressing, even when the chin strap is open. Perform the shake test and move your head in every direction to make sure that this is the case.. Make sure the straps do not cut into the ear. The ear should generally be exposed and not covered by the helmet. 

Whether a rider is a beginner, advanced, or professional, risky and unforeseen situations can always occur. As such, the stability of a helmet is of utmost importance. Of course, there are also riding helmet products with special features such as a velvet cover, glitter stones, and long visor, which are then listed in the upper price segment. However, price alone does not guarantee higher safety. Therefore, when buying, consider the certification seal. Good entry-level models meet the common standards. A helmet with adjustable size is a good idea, especially if the shape of a rider’s head is still changing. Riding helmets with adjustment wheels at the back of the head are standard at ABUS.

Regularly clean dirt from your riding helmet with lukewarm water. Do not use any solvents on it.

Always transport your helmet in a case, such as our ABUS PIKEUR bag, which is included with the helmet.

Make sure that the riding helmet is secure during transport.

Do not leave your helmet in the sun, as UV radiation damages the helmet.

After a fall or a severe impact, the protective function of the helmet may be impaired. Even if the riding cap has no visible damage, it may have sustained small hairline cracks. For your own safety, it is therefore essential to replace the helmet after a riding accident or impact.

The durability of a helmet also plays a role: With regular use, you should replace the helmet after a few years (about 5 years), as the material is subject to a natural aging process. After eight years at most, we recommend that you discard the helmet due to material fatigue that is sustains even when not in use. The year of manufacture can be found inside the helmet under the padding.


In Germany there is currently - except for tournaments - no law that enforces helmet wearing. In the event of injury, however, insurance companies may accuse riders without helmets of gross negligence and thus limit or even refuse to pay benefits. Numerous riding schools and riding stables already require a helmet as part of their house rules. So for your own safety, it pays to wear a riding hat from the start. You can find detailed info about ABUS riding helmets here.

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