Steel 1" (H701)

If multiple people need to secure switches at the same time, a multipoint lock is useful. The robust main switch lockout devices made of steel thus turn one mounting point into six.

All variants for H701-H712

Multipoint locks multiply the number of mounting points.

This allows six padlocks to be mounted at once instead of just one, so that up to six people can independently secure the energy point against unauthorized reconnection.
Application example - Steel Lockout Hasp H701-H712


  • Vinyl coated high tensile steel
  • Available with or without pry-resistant interlocking tabs for additional security
  • Holds up to 6 padlocks
  • Available with or without interlocking tabs to prevent unauthorized opening

Operation and use

  • Lock out power switches during maintenance
  • Ideal for lockout applications where more than one safety padlock has to be attached


  • Shackle Clearance: 25 mm, 38 mm
  • Large (width 60mm): H702, H712
  • H711, H712: With interlocking tabs for added security


colour: red
Weight [g]: 141 g
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