Standard Cable Lockout C553-C565


Standard cable lockouts can be used universally. The coated stainless steel cable can be used to secure different energy sources. The locking system accommodates up to six padlocks to do so.

All variants for C553–C565

But - with the standard cable lockouts you can secure everything for which there is no special solution.

The cable is pulled through the hand lever or the rotating wheel like a lasso and around a counterpoint, tightened, and fixed to the loop with the body.
Application example - C553-C565


  • Intuitive design for self-explanatory application
  • Isolated, exchangeable metal cable in different lengths
  • Holds up to 6 padlocks

Operation and use

  • Universal lockout device for locking out different energy sources during maintenance


  • C503: Length 1m
  • C506: Length 2m
  • C509: Length 3m
  • C509: Length 5m
colour: red
Weight [g]: 132 g
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