Ball Valve Lockout V423


Hand levers for ball valves made of cranked flat steel can be blocked quickly and safely with ABUS ball valve lockouts.

All variants for V423–V426

The robust sheet steel ball valve lockouts prevent unauthorized opening of the valve.

They use a padlock to hold the valve lever in the off position, providing security for the necessary work on the system.
Application example - V423-V426


  • Stable and secure, made from powder-coated steel
  • Two sizes for most common ball valves
  • A number of holes for exact positioning of the padlock gives more stability
  • Best used on hard-to-reach pipes

Operation and use

  • Block access to ball valves during maintenance


  • V423: Small 0,25" to 1"
  • V426: Large 1,25" to 3"
colour: red
Weight [g]: 90 g
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