Standard Cable Lockout C553-C565

Standard-Cable Lockout C553-C565

The universal Standard Cable Lockouts offer versatility in application thanks to its coated stainless steel cable designed to secure various energy sources, while the locking system allows up to six padlocks to ensure maximum security.

  • WARNING:  Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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The Standard Cable Lockouts are suitable for securing all items that do not demand a customized solution.

TThe cable can be pulled through either a hand lever or a rotating wheel in a lasso-like manner, wrapped around a counterpoint, tightened, and secured to the body loop.
Application example - C553-C565


  • Intuitive design for self-explanatory application
  • Isolated, exchangeable metal cable in different lengths
  • Holds up to 6 padlocks

Use and application

  • Universal lockout device for locking out different energy sources during maintenance


  • C553: Length 3"
  • C556: Length 6"
  • C559: Length 9"
  • C565: Length 15"
color: red
Weight [lbs]: 0.29 lbs
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