P625 Control Panel Lockout Bag Big

P625 Console Lockout: Protecting Sizeable Operator Consoles, Controls, and Connectors

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Vibrant red hue paired with a spacious drawstring bag crafted from a lightweight and resilient material.
The distinctive red signal of the P625 console lockout device acts as a visual deterrent against accidental or unauthorized access. Additionally, the drawstring bag is constructed from a durable yet lightweight material, sealed securely with a retaining strap that can be locked using a padlock.


  • Made from light yet durable polyester
  • Closable thanks to a retaining strap
  • Retaining strap with five opposing metal eyelets for flexible closure

Use and application

  • Protection of large plugs and consoles with a padlock or a hasp as a multiplier.
  • Flexible, water-resistant and highly-resistant to heat and soiling
  • Easy handling


  • Despite this, if there should be a risk of tampering, control consoles can additionally be concealed in a standard plastic pipe to prevent switches and knobs from being touched.


  • Dimensions: 250 x 450
color: red
Weight [lbs]: 0.29 lbs
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