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StormChaser ACE

The road bike helmet for fast-paced use – from road races to cyclocross and ambitious competitions.

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Race the wind or chase after storms – the StormChaser ACE is a lightweight road helmet for all fast rides.

This road bike helmet has been tried and tested by cycling professionals in road races and cyclocross – and has now received an impressive update: the revamped lower edge protection goes all the way around the helmet and its new visual quality underlines the premium standards of this particularly lightweight bike helmet. The lower edge also protects the shock-absorbing inner material.
Its design remains streamlined and angular. Precisely shaped air inlets and outlets also ensure optimum ventilation of the head.
The new precisely-adaptable and height-adjustable Zoom Pro adjustment system allows the helmet to be customised for the best possible fit and maximum comfort. Revised anchor points for the webbing straps prevent disturbing noises such as slight rattling even during fast rides – chase the storms with the StormChaser ACE!
  • Made in Italy


  • In-mould design for a durable connection with the outer shell with shock-absorbing helmet material (EPS)
  • Improved lower edge protection: also protects the helmet from external influences
  • Half ring: half-enclosing plastic ring connected to adjustment system
  • Ponytail compatibility: the helmet is very suitable for riders with a ponytail
  • Forced Air Cooling Technology: sophisticated ventilation system for optimal cooling – internal ventilation channels connect 7 air inlets with 16 air outlets
  • Zoom Pro: precise adjustment system with easy-grip adjustment wheel that also allows the height to be adjusted – for a snug and comfortable fit
  • Eyewear Port: aerodynamic glasses holder with temple guide also at the rear of the helmet
  • High visibility: thanks to luminous reflectors
  • Made in Italy

Operation and use

  • Performance road helmet for sporty use on road, gravel and cyclocross bikes


  • Successor to the StormChaser
  • Retrofittable light for attachment to the adjustment system


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
color of facets: black
Size: M
backlight: No
Peak: No
Weight: 220 g
design color: velvet black
Head size: 54-58 cm
Smart - Crash Detection: No
Visor: No
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