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Padlock finder Find one that fits!

Do you need a new padlock for your garden shed, your cellar or your child's locker at school? But aren’t sure which one is best?

Then this system will assist you. Simply filter by the requirements you want your lock to meet, and off you go. We will then generally have several locks for you to choose from. Because you might prefer a colourful aluminium lock instead of a brass lock, which we naturally ‘only’ have available in yellow gold.

For example, if you have already measured how wide your lock needs to be or should be, you can enter the lock body dimensions or shackle dimensions in the filters below. Or you know that you want to buy one or more padlocks from a particular series, then you can see all the locks from that series - Granite, Discus, Ecolution, Titalium, Brass and more.

Locking type
Keyed Alike
Security Level
Width a
16 mm - 110 mm
Clear temple width b
8 mm - 39 mm
Clear bracket height c
8 mm - 200 mm
Bracket diameter d
2 mm - 15 mm
Depth e
9 mm - 39 mm
Height f
34 mm - 249 mm
5 g - 1210 g
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