Stahlharte Sicherheit – ABUS Vorhangschlösser aus Stahl © ABUS

Steel Robust. Extreme. Resilient.

Robust, highly resistant and with corrosion protection: Our steel padlocks are very suitable for protecting larger valuables and objects against theft and vandalism.

Depending on what you want to secure, you can choose your suitable steel padlock. Our 34CS/55 is suitable for securing gates or cellars and can be combined with an ABUS locking chain. For roller shutters and vending machines, which usually have a locking area that is difficult to access, we recommend our 92 Monobloc with a hardened steel locking bolt. If the risk of theft is very high, the 83 Extreme as well as the 83 Rock can be the best choice. With these you can secure roller shutters, doors, gates, switchgear and barriers. With the 83 Rock, you can also choose the option of having an original Pfaffenhain locking cylinder installed.

When it comes to your values: we recommend these padlocks.

Made of steel. Made in Germany. Made by ABUS.

270 g - 1210 g
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