Klein, aber trotzdem sicher – unsere Vorhangschlösser für Kleinstanwendungen © ABUS

Micro-applications For strongboxes and more.

Protect strongboxes and other storage boxes, letterboxes, handbags or diaries from prying eyes and thieves?

These items can only be locked with the smallest and lightest padlocks.

For example, we have a brass padlock from 15 millimetres in lock body size and a Titalium padlock from 20 millimetres in size. In this way, valuables and other things you carry in your handbag or entrust to your diary are kept safe from the prying eyes of others.

Locking type
5 g - 1205 g
Keyed Alike
Security Level
Bracket diameter d
2 mm - 15 mm
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