Product test ABUS Alarmbox

Mobile security Security from A to Z


ABUS Level System

Rating of individual products according to safety (75%), comfort (20%) and design (5%)


Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club (German National Bike Club)

Angle of view

Field of view

Anti-drilling protection

additional protection against drilling out the cylinder

Assembly instructions

Instructions for use with detailed installation instructions

Automatic closing mechanism
Automatic function

automatic locking of the lock without a key

Automatic lock

self-locking lock, e.g. Steel-O-Flex 800

Automatic locking


Ball valve lockout

Locking elements for high-quality bike or padlocks, e.g. ABUS Granit

Basic protection

basic mechanical protection against simple prising methods

Belt system

Adjustment mechanism for helmets


Federal Criminal Police Office

Bolt cutters

heavy pry tool for pinching steel


Cable lock

Lock with steel cable

Care spray

ABUS care products for lock cylinders


secure transport facility for the lock

Chain lock

Lock with steel chain

Classification system

Division of the ABUS security programme into three security classes: Maximum, Extra, Standard

Clearance rate

Proportion of thefts solved

Code card

serves to identify a key

Cold test

Test method at extreme temperatures

Combination lock

Lock with numeric code

Corrosion protection

Protective measures against rusting

Cow's foot

heavy crowbar, used in the prising method of "prying open"


heavy crowbar, used in the prising method of "prying up" (also called cow's foot)

Cutting resistance

Test method for pinching through


Disc cylinder

high-quality lock cylinder, especially against picking

Disc brake lock

familiar and classic shape of the ABUS "Diskus" series padlocks

Double-bolt construction

special protective measure for U-shackle locks against twisting and pulling out of the shackle on both shackle sides

Drylex padding

Inner padding for helmets


EXTRA class cylinder


Frame carrier

Carrier for mounting on the frame

Frame lock

Fuse for direct mounting on the rear frame of the bike

Frequency count

known theft offences converted to 100,000 inhabitants



Designation for high-quality product series, e.g. U-locks



special material protection of the outer skin of the product against brutal attacks

Headring adjustment system

Adjustment mechanism for helmets

Hexagonal chains

bevelled chain links that offer increased safety


Ice spray

Override method for U-locks. Look for ice spray tested products!

Impact test

Test method, simulation of a heavy hammer


high-quality processing method for bike helmets

Inner shell

shock absorbing helmet shell


Keyhole cover

Protection against the ingress of dirt into the locking mechanism

Key profile

Key contour

KLICKfix carrier

patented carrier system for locks and bags



State Office of Criminal Investigation

Lock body

protected locking element on the lock

Lock-chain combination

Security consisting of chain and padlock or brake disc lock

Lock-luggage rack combination

Transport option including lock for mounting on the bike

Long U-lock

Lock with high steel shackle

Loop cable

Cables for securing components, e.g. helmet

Lower edge protection

Scratch and impact protection for bike helmets


Micro-shell hard shell

Decorative shell for bike helmets


Neck guard

deep-drawn lower edge on helmets in the neck area

Nop-Tex material

easy-care material for bags



intelligent prising method

Pinch test

Test method, simulation of a bolt cutter

Plus cylinder

special disc cylinder as protection against picking. Mainly used for high-quality two-wheel locks and padlocks

Police crime statistics

annual survey of all criminal offences in Germany

Power cell technology

patented locking element in high-quality U-locks, e.g. ABUS Granit X-Plus



Adjustment mechanism for helmets


Resistance to twisting

Resistance of the lock against twisting

Reversible key

Drill recess spanner, spanner with spherical recesses, no serrations

Ring lock

another term for frame lock. Fuse for direct mounting on the rear frame of the bike


Saw test

Test method for U-locks

Security code card

serves to identify a key

Snap-in chin buckle

Adjustment mechanism for helmets

Snap lock

automatic locking of the lock without key (see also automatic function)

Shackle diameter
Shackle protection

Coating of the shackle, e.g. for disc brake locks as protection against the most brutal attacks (bolt cutters)

Shackle width

Distance between the two inner sides of the shackle

Spare key

Copy of a key

Spiral cable lock

Cable lock with spiral effect

Steel shells

hardened cable protection for Steel-O-Flex locks


Cable lock with hardened steel shells

Stiftung Warentest

consumer-oriented test institute

Strap adjuster

Adjustment mechanism for helmets


adjustable strap system of a helmet

Swivel shackle lock

Securing device for direct attachment to the rear of the bike (see also frame lock)



Bypassing the lock cylinder

Temple protection

deep-drawn lower edge for kids helmets in the temple area

Tensile load

Test method

Tensile strength

Resistance in tonnes before the locking can be torn apart

Test lab

Brutal and intelligent prising situations are re-enacted (see also test laboratory)

Test laboratory

Brutal and intelligent prising situations are re-enacted

Tex-KF holder

Klick-Fix carrier with textile strap attachment

Textile strap

Fastening tape of Tex-KF carriers

Time resistance

Effectiveness of the products in relation to the prising method

Tubular cylinder

simple rim cylinder for inexpensive two-wheeled products


Technischer Überwachungsverein (TÜV), or Technical Inspection Agency in English (Prüfanstalt)


Universal luggage rack holder

UGH 02 - Holder system for shackle, cable locks and Steel-O-Flex locks



VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH


Wall anchor

firmly anchored eyelet construction for securing two-wheelers


X-Plus cylinder

Special disc cylinder for high-quality two-wheel locks and padlocks

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