Discreet and safe: With the PA1018 mounting set you can attach security door bars to your doors in a strong way.

All variants for PA1018
With this set, you can securely and strongly attach ABUS security door bars to your doors.
You want to secure your outward opening doors with a security door bar? Then you need an attachment that is strongy anchored. The PA1018 mounting set is resistant, but also convinces with its appearance. The two anchors can be mounted on doors up to 120 millimetres thick as well as in the frame. The hardened outer parts with elegant plastic cover are available in black and white. Suitable bars are PR2600, PR2700 and PR2800.
  • Made in Germany


  • Screws go through the complete wall
  • Hardened exterior plates with elegant vinyl cover

Operation and use

  • Armoured plate for outward opening doors
  • Suitable for PR2600, PR2660, PR2700 und PR2800
  • Solid anchoring of the door bar on the door by way of two amoured plates


  • You can order the PA1014 fixing set to match the PR1400 deadbolt.


  • Colours: Black, white


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colour: white
Weight: 854 g
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