Hugo Mulder, aka DHM 

Hugo Mulder, aka DHM, is a well-known painter, artist and graphic designer from Amsterdam. He discovered graffiti art in 1984 before starting graphic design 6 years later. In his role as senior graphic designer, Mulder works for many well-known clients. Among them are brands such as Nike, Adidas, O'Neil and Coke. in 2001, his path led him back to street art culture: from then on, he devoted himself to stickers, paste-ups and mural painting.

Mulder's works and styles

The Dutch artist is known for his tribal/tattoo style, which is also reflected in his wall painting. On large public murals he has drawn a number of animals in this style, including, for example, dragons, tigers, fish and many more. In addition to street art, in recent years he has increasingly devoted himself to canvases on which Mulder depicts mainly female body forms. He paints in an abstract, yet figurative manner.

Mulder's digital perfectionism

As a graphic designer, Mulder is used to being able to create perfect shapes on the computer. To ensure that his handmade works are just as clean and precise, he engages in an intensive artistic process: over a period of weeks, he creates handmade compositions of paint and drawings. During this extremely labour-intensive process curves and lines are edited to perfection by scratching off the paint with a surgical knife up to ten’s of a millimeter. This is how Hugo Mulder creates works of art that approach digital perfection. The basis of his paintings is a mixture of abstract painting and graffiti forms applied with knives, brushes, markers and spray cans. 

The ABUS Skurb helmet he designed also bears his signature: tribal-style patterns, which Hugo Mulder has accurately pasted onto both sides of the helmet, adorn the helmet and turn it into a work of art. 

More about Hugo Mulder

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