Peter Skensved – Copenhagen

Peter Skensved is an urban artist from Copenhagen. He organises many large urban projects in Denmark and is one of the best professional graffiti artists in his country. He is Head of Department at the Institute for Urban Art in Copenhagen. In his role, Skensved, together with Lars Pedersen, manages the implementation of art in public spaces. For this purpose, urban spaces are investigated, designs and strategies are prepared, and collaborations with architects, artists and other participants are organised. This is how multifarious artistic urban projects are created.

From small murals to the longest mural in Europe

Peter Skensved has been painting on the street for many years. In all that time, he has been inspired by the artist scene in Copenhagen, but also by artists in many other places around the world. The sizes of the murals that he paints vary. He has painted a 40-metre-high building, as well as the longest mural in Europe.

The longest mural in Europe was created by Peter Skensved and several artist colleagues in Sydhavnen, Copenhagen. The work is called "Evolution 2" and stretches over a 470-metre wall. The artists want to depict the creation of the world, from the Big Bang, to the present and with a look into the future.

The influence of his artworks

Peter Skensved developed a love of street art as a child. From an early age, he liked to paint on the street. In murals and graffiti art on buildings, the artist sees the opportunity to contribute something to the preservation of the city. Through murals, he can bring smiles to people's faces or new thoughts to their everyday lives and familiar paths. To make the story behind his works interesting, it must not be too straightforward. For his art holds surprises for the viewer.

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