Hülpman - Berlin

Felix Aaron Hülpüsch, aka Hülpman, is a painter, illustrator and award-winning graphic designer from Berlin. After graduating as a media designer in 2009, he studied visual communication in the capital in 2013.

In the course of his career, Hülpman has already worked for many agencies in Berlin and Hamburg. In addition to Berlin and Hamburg, he has also lived in Auckland, New Zealand. In addition, the artist has successfully participated in several solo and group exhibitions, as well as in competitions in Germany, Israel, Italy and New Zealand. He brings his experience to the graphics community, for example by leading many workshops or appearing as a speaker.

Walls, trainers and everyday objects become works of art

Using tools such as markers, spray paints and acrylics, Hülpman creates works of art on a wide variety of surfaces: whether on walls, custom-made textiles such as trainers or caps, coffee mugs or skateboards. With his clear, lush lines, he succeeds in decorating everyday utilitarian objects in a special way.

He tells a story with his drawings that fits the respective project. Thus these works of art seem like hidden object pictures with a narrative quality. The longer you look at them, the more there is to discover. Black and white is a colour combination that is very often found in his artworks, but splashes of colour or completely coloured works can also be found in his multitude of projects.

More about Hülpman

ABUS helmet in Hülpman garb

Hülpman is an artist who, with his detailed drawings, manages to tell stories with objects. On the ABUS Skurb city helmet he decorated, he captures the vibe and impressions of his city: Berlin. With many individual black and white illustrations, he creates a story on the helmet.


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