Die CodeLoxx Vielfalt ermöglicht eine individuelle Zusammenstellung Ihrer Zutrittslösung © ABUS

CodeLoxx System For maximum security and flexibility

The CodeLoxx variety allows individual assembly of your access solution. During administration and set-up, the Key Manager software provides an overview and changes can be made quickly.

In the standard version, the CodeLoxx works with an electronic chip reversible key. No matter how you insert the key, you can rely on the door always opening. Contact tracks made of robust stainless steel and the encrypted dialogue procedure ensure security against digital attacks and environmental influences.

With the proximity function, existing transponders can be integrated into the access control system. In many cases, this means cost savings for your company and more convenience for your staff – after all, one transponder is enough for all applications. With the ABUS combination key or the Combi Cap, you can operate electronic cylinders and mechanical ABUS key systems with just one locking medium.

If your property already has an access control system, you can create an interface to the CLX double knob cylinder with the wireless remote unit. The remote unit can be installed inconspicuously in a 55 mm flush-mounted box. Particularly clever: door opening can be controlled externally via a connected dialling device, e.g. to grant access to the property to security staff or technicians.

CodeLoxx Alarm AE - basically controls the alarm system by opening and locking the door. Locking with dual key operation arm the system, normal unlocking of the door is sufficient to disarm the system.

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