Tim Zdey - Paris

Tim Zdey is an artist born in 1989 in Hong Kong who came to France at the age of 8. At the age of 14, he joined the Paris graffiti scene and painted his first letterings under the artist name Sodey. Despite his passion for art, he completed a master's degree in finance and moved to Bombay to work. After living in India for two years, he returned to Paris in 2014. From then on, the artist called himself "Zdey" and decided to devote himself to his passion: painting.

Zdey's projects and social commitment

In addition to institutional projects for luxury design houses such as Hermès Tim Zdey also dedicates himself to humanitarian initiatives. For example, together with young people from the Kinderschutzbund, he repainted a kindergarten in Paris and financed and accompanied the renovation of a school in the Himalayan mountains in Nepal. Zdey is an artist who advocates and works with needy populations around the world.

The positive energy in Zdey's art

When looking at Zdey's social media accounts or his website, one thing immediately stands out: his works and murals are colourful and full of life. Although the origin of his painting is graffiti art, he moved away from it for a few years. Pop influences and Op Art movements intersect in his artworks, conveying a dazzling world of positive energy. Painted house walls, schools and footpaths look enlivened by his colourful artworks and bring colour to grey places. The Op-Art movement thrives on optical illusions. Depicted through abstract patterns (circles, rectangles, squares, triangles), the artist creates irritating optical effects. Zdey is one of the French street artists at the forefront of the European art scene.

The ABUS Skurb helmet designed by him is as colourful and shaped by patterns as his works of art. The helmet stands for the vibe of its city : Paris.

More about Tim Zdey

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