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With ABUS video surveillance, no unauthorised access goes undetected. This effectively prevents incidents on the school premises and ensures a safe learning environment.

Securing a school campus

Brawls, thefts and vandalism are now on the agenda of many schools. The Japanese International School in Frankfurt shows that it can be done differently. Since the violent acts are usually committed by third parties who are on the school grounds without authorisation, the school has decided to use professional security technology from ABUS to track down the perpetrators. Parents, students and teachers welcome the secured school grounds, because the cameras have a preventive effect and prevent violent or criminal acts.

The challenge and the solution

Outdoor surveillance of the highest quality

  • Waterproof IR compact cameras guarantee trouble-free use even under adverse environmental conditions
  • Even when the human eye no longer recognises anything, the cameras deliver perfect images thanks to integrated IR LEDs

Compliance with all data protection requirements

  • Recording only takes place under certain conditions
  • Blacking out areas outside the school grounds
  • Video material is only available to selected responsible persons
  • Records are deleted regularly
All important products from one source ©ABUS
All important products from one source This gives you cost advantages in purchasing, installation and service, simple expansion and combination options and, with our partner, an expert who understands your individual security concept.
Award-winning ABUS brand ©ABUS
Excellent ABUS brand Our products enjoy a global reputation, are awarded prizes and receive the most important certificates, such as VdS and VSÖ. By installing tested quality products, a reduction in insurance premiums is therefore also possible - ask your contact person at your insurance company.
Unrestricted data security ©ABUS
Unrestricted data security ABUS products meet the highest standards in terms of data security so that only authorised persons have access to them.

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