ABUS Videoüberwachung auf dem Gut Aubenhausen

Aubenhausen riding facility Home of the Dressage Horse

Gut Aubenhausen - well known among horse lovers outside of dressage since before the Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics! After all, it is the place where Jessica von Bredow-Werndl, who won the gold medal for Germany in both the team and individual competitions, works. Her brother Benjamin, with whom she runs the riding facility, is also one of the world's elite dressage riders.

The Werndl family, who are dedicated to training young dressage horses up to international Grand Prix level at Aubenhausen, rely on ABUS video surveillance. This serves not only to secure the grounds, but also to provide targeted support in daily care. The focus is on the best horse health and the well-being of the family’s four-legged friends.

The challenge and the solution:

Video surveillance for the entire site

More than 30 high-resolution cameras guarantee an optimal overview of the entire riding facility including the pony yard, private house and a view into the stable as well as each individual stall. The security system detects the movements of unauthorised persons during rest periods and sends push notifications to the riders and caretakers. It can be expanded at any time with additional cameras and other components.

Access for authorised persons only

Unauthorised persons on the premises may endanger the health of the horses.  This is why many riding stables also opt for modern access control systems:

For example, a video door intercom system such as ABUS ModuVis (intercom station at the gate, monitor station in the service building, app access) ensures that only authorised persons are granted access to the premises. On the site itself, an electronic locking system such as ABUS wAppLoxx Pro Plus offers optimal possibilities for flexible management of all doors, gates and users with individual access rights. 

Benjamin Werndl has his horses under control - and under his eye thanks to video surveillance from ABUS

The responsibility of running a competition, training or boarding stable is great. The horses are taken care of every day with a lot of passion and care by a team of attendants and grooms. They are supported in their daily work by an ABUS monitoring system to keep an eye on the horses 24/7.

Whether stud farm, boarding stable or riding club, a riding facility houses four-legged friends who are dear to their owners. Thanks to video imaging, the animals are well protected from the consequences of injuries and dangers.

  • 4K cameras for brilliant, detailed images
  • 24/7 monitoring day and night
  • See live images on a mobile phone via app
  • Recording/saving
  • Installation via IP network


Look for specific horses in single stalls - the slightest sign of discomfort will be noticed immediately

The ModuVis wired door intercom system ensures that no unauthorised people gain access to the premises.

  • Video intercom at the gate
  • Intercom via monitor or app including live image
  • Open the gate at the touch of a button
  • Installation via IP network/2-wire

ModuVis - new now in stainless steel © ABUS
Eugen Bondaletow

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