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Schlettau Castle in the Ore Mountains All-round protection

Schlettau Castle in the town of Schlettau on the Zschopau River is one of the most important architectural monuments on the old salt road in the upper Erz Mountains. A locking system from ABUS protects the historic building from unauthorised access.

Challenges and solutions

The doors in the lock are custom-made, which is why cylinders had to be manufactured in the special length of 21 mm. This was no problem for the ABUS Pfaffenhain production facility. Special designs are the order of the day there.

There are already 48 ABUS cylinders installed in the lock buildings, with 15 more to follow. The locking system consists of the Bravus.2000 system.

  • The Bravus.2000 locking system offers high security against illegal key copying and manipulation of the cylinder thanks to its unique combination of patent protection, brand protection and technical copy protection.
  • The Intellitec system's multi-dimensional interrogation at the key and in the cylinder prevents the locking process with an unauthorised key. Illegal key copies have no chance.
  • The Bravus locking system is expandable and leaves room for development and change. Even if the lock is enlarged after many years, the subsequent delivery of supplementary products is possible.
  • Some keys only lock certain doors, while the master key locks the entire system. Thanks to this system, access options can be assigned very specifically in the lock.
  • The possibility of expanding the locking system with electronic components by means of transponders on the key offers maximum flexibility.

In the production of the cylinders and keys for the Schlettau lock, ABUS used high-quality raw materials and high-precision manufacturing technology that is among the most modern in all of Europe. ABUS thus guarantees the best possible product quality and a long product life. For the good feeling of security for many generations to come.

Schlettau Castle in the Upper Ore Mountains

Schlettau Castle is a popular destination in the Ore Mountains. Built as early as the 13th century as a tower hill castle, it is one of the most important architectural monuments on the old salt road in the upper Ore Mountains. In the beginning, it served as a protective object for the passing salt road, but today it is used for cultural, tourist and gastronomic purposes. With such intensive use, renovation work is also necessary at regular intervals. The Förderverein Schloss Schlettau e. V. therefore decided to renovate the doors and the mortise locks and to have a new access control system installed. In order to protect the listed building in the best possible way, those responsible decided on an ABUS locking system - developed in Germany and manufactured in the Ore Mountains.


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