Lubricant spray PS22 60ml Lubricant spray PS22 60ml


Appropriate maintenance is important: With the ABUS PS22 lubricant spray, your lock cylinder will remain functional for a long time.

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The right maintenance does the trick: With our PS22 lubricant spray, your lock cylinder will close smoothly and without problems for many years.

The lubricant spray is suitable for all lock cylinders: no matter whether door cylinder, bicycle lock cylinder or padlock cylinder. It ensures that your cylinders remain well maintained inside and therefore functional.
Is your key jammed or stuck? With the PS22, it can always be turned around without any problems. The lubricant spray also helps against squeaking garage doors, door hinges or windows. It is also a practical everyday helper, should your bicycle chain not run smoothly on the road. With regular use, the lubricant can even prevent rust and corrosion. Another highlight: There is no propellant gas in the spray – making PS22 more environmentally friendly compared to other lubricant sprays.
  • Made in Germany

Operation and use

  • Door cylinders, bicycle lock cylinders, padlock cylinders, car locks, tools, sports equipment, office machines


  • 13, 60 and 240 ml


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colour: blue
Weight: 79 g
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