Door closer AC7023


Universal possibilities: With this door closer, you can ensure that office or flat doors with a width of up to 1.10 metres and a maximum weight of 80 kilograms close quietly and securely. A fixing arm is additionally available.

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With this door opener, office and flat doors can be closed safely and quietly.
Slamming doors are annoying and not good for the doors themselves. Protect your office or flat doors against loud slamming with this door closer. The closer is suitable for doors with a width of up to 1.10 metres and a maximum weight of 80 kilograms. A fixing arm that can hold the door open permanently is also available.


  • Suitable for a door weight of 40 up to 80 kg
  • Max. door width 850 up to 1100 mm
  • Adjustable closing speeds
  • EN power size 2 - 4 (< 105°)
  • Certified according to EN 1154 and EN 1634
  • Fixing arm optionally available

Operation and use

  • For office doors and front doors to flats and entrance doors
  • Suitable for fire protection doors


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
colour: silver
sliding rail: No
Weight: 1365 g
Design: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
Door width: max. 1100 mm
Door type: Apartment door
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