Fire Blanket LD1118


With this extinguishing blanket you can quickly and easily smother smaller sources of fire in the household or on clothing.

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Extinguishing blanket in a practical carrying bag for extinguishing small fires.

Nip minor grease kitchen fires, for example from deep fryers and grease fryers, in the bud. Because often it happens faster than you think, and a small source of fire has already developed. You can quickly smother smaller fires with our ABUS fire blanket, which can be conveniently stored in a carrying bag to save space. The blanket made of coated glass fibre fabric measures one square metre and is also suitable for use on burning clothing. Please note that the fire blanket can only be used once. After that, it must be replaced.
Application example – Fire Blanket Application example – Fire Blanket when camping Application example – Fire Blanket in the kitchen Application example – Fire Blanket to the gas cooker


  • Tested and certified as per DIN EN 1869:2019 by MPA Dresden
  • Easy to use –fire blanket unfolds automatically when removed by pulling the straps.
  • Material: coated fibreglass fabric
  • Dimensions: 1 m x 1 m
  • Weight: approx. 950 g gross
  • Includes robust pouch with eyelet for wall mounting.

Operation and use

  • Smothering and extinguishing incipient fires
  • For chip pans and deep-fat fryers
  • For people with burning clothes


  • Please note: The fire blanket can only be used once.


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colour: white
Weight: 527 g
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