Test-Spray RM 125 Application example

Testspray RWM

Use our test spray to check whether your smoke detector is still working properly.

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Test spray for checking the functionality of optical smoke alarms.

You are not sure whether your smoke alarm is still working reliably? You can check the function of the detector with our ABUS test spray. Simply spray the smoke detector and wait for the warning tone. Optical smoke alarms detect smoke particles in the air. These are simulated realistically by the spray. If there is no alarm at a spray intensity of around five seconds, you should replace the smoke detector.
  • Made in Germany


  • In case of no alert please repeat test
  • Change detector if no alert is given after 5 seconds of testing
  • Frei von Schadstoffen aller Art

Operation and use

  • Use for fotoelectronic smoke detectors
  • Shake before usage
  • Spray 1 - 2 seconds in direction of detector at a distance of approximately 30 cm


  • Content: 125 ml


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colour: white
Weight: 108 g
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