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ABUS Touch™ 57

The ABUS Touch™ 57 padlock offers quick, convenient, and secure access with just a fingerprint touch.

  • WARNING:  Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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With the ABUS Touch™ 57, worrying about a lost key or forgetting an opening code is a thing of the past.
Simplify your life and enhance security for your bike shed or locker with the ABUS Touch™ 57, a weatherproof fingerprint lock. Experience the convenience of unlocking with just a touch. The 360°-enabled sensor can recognize up to 20 pre-registered fingerprints from any orientation, ensuring access from any angle.
Registering fingerprints is a breeze. As one of two administrators, activating "Register mode" is as simple as placing your pre-registered finger on the sensor for three seconds. For added peace of mind, "Delete mode" is activated by keeping it there for ten seconds, virtually eliminating the risk of accidental deletions.
The lock is equipped with a replaceable CR2 battery, and even after battery replacement, your stored fingerprints remain intact. With its hardened steel shackle and double ball locking mechanism, the ABUS Touch™ 57 offers robust security for medium-risk theft scenarios. Say goodbye to misplaced keys – this lock revolutionizes your security experience.
Application example - ABUS Touch™ 57 Application example - ABUS Touch™ 57 Application example - ABUS Touch™ 57
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ABUS Touch™ 57 © ABUS
ABUS Touch 57 © ABUS
ABUS Touch™ 57 © ABUS
Awards & Partners
reddot design award
reddot design award

Plus X Award
Plus X Award

Awards & Partners


  • Lock body made of coated zinc die cast
  • Hardened Nano Protect™ shackle
  • CR2 battery
  • Capacitive sensor with minutiae detection
  • 20 fingerprints can be stored
  • Double ball locking
  • Automatic locking
  • Spring-loaded shackle for automatic opening
  • IP certification

Use and application

  • For securing medium-value items when there is a medium risk of theft
  • Use in clean areas with good fingerprint recognition
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • Before using the touch function, make sure that the sensor, as well as your finger, is clean.
  • Please read the notes in the instructions carefully before use.
  • Do not store fingerprints more than once. Otherwise this can revoke the function of the administrator.
  • A carefully programmed finger is a well-functioning key


  • Sizes: 57/45, 57/50
color: silver
Horizontal clearance b: 15/16 inch
Shackle diameter d: 5/16 inch
Height f: 4 1/16 inch
Security Level Home Security: 8
Structure: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
Width a: 1 31/32 inch
Vertical clearance c: 1 27/64 inch
Depth e: 29/32 inch
Weight [lbs]: 0.86 lbs
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