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Key systems in the LoTo area

What is a key system?

A key system is a combination of different padlocks that are in a certain relationship to each other. The locking functions can be bundled and precisely assigned as required.

Master key system with safety locks:
Keyed differently as well as keyed alike

With a master key system, you can choose whether the safety locks should be different keyed or keyed alike:

Difference between padlocks with the same key and padlocks with different key © ABUS

Why an MK system?

Such a system is required if a master key that can open all installed locks is desired, e.g. for carrying out a safe emergency opening. In a master key system, keyed-different (KD) and keyed-alike (KA) sets as well as combinations of the two can be combined.

Remember: a carefully planned organisation of the locks can save lives.

For example:

Personal identification locks (PIS) are ALWAYS keyed different (KD). So every employee has their own lock with their own key. This key will not fit into another employee's lock and vice versa. Machine identification locks (MIS) which are used to secure the machine against power reactivation can either be keyed different (KD) or keyed alike (KA) depending on your plans.

The use of a master key must be clearly regulated. It is locked away in a secure location (e.g. in a safe) and is only used if locks need to be opened in unforeseeable circumstances and the relevant employees are not present.

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