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The QuickStore QST bike lock holder is ideal for the safe and rattle-free transport of chain locks.

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Who wants constant clatter while cycling? Probably no one. But what do you do if you want to carry the chain lock with you as quietly as possible and protect it from the weather? ABUS knows.

With the ABUS QuickStore holder, chain locks can be conveniently stored and transported in various places on the bike. Rattle-free and safe. The QuickStore holder is a two-piece box. The bottom piece of the box is firmly screwed to the bike frame or fixed in place with the help of practical fixing straps. The top piece of the box functions as a removable lid and is placed on the bottom piece by means of a ratchet mechanism. The ratchet mechanism allows the height of the lid to be flexibly adjusted to the chain length, so that the transport box is suitable for various chain locks. The carrier is recommended for chain locks with a diameter of 6 millimetres and a length of 85-110 centimetres. If you like to store your chain lock underneath the saddle, you can combine the QuickStore holder with the Saddlefix QST adapter holder. This allows the carrier to be affixed to the seat post underneath the saddle. Thanks to the various mounting options, the holder can be used very flexibly.


  • For transporting chain locks securely with no rattling
  • For ABUS chain locks with 6 mm thickness and 85-110 cm length
  • Easy mounting with screws on the bottle holder or by means of practical fixing strap carrier
  • Can be combined with the SattleFix holder (SF QST) for mounting under the saddle

Operation and use

  • Stowage and transport option for chain locks


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Weight: 260 g
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