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SF QST holder

SF QST stands for Saddlefix QuickStore Adapter. This adapter is compatible with the QuickStore (QST) holder for space-saving transportation of chain locks under the saddle.

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The new Saddlefix QST adapter makes the transportation of chain locks even more versatile.

The Saddlefix QST (SF QST) is the extension to the QickStore holder. This means that the small transport box can now also be easily attached to the seat post under the saddle. The Saddlefix QST - like the QuickStore holder - is suitable for chain locks with a diameter of 6 millimetres and a length of 85-110 centimetres. Always to hand - for rattle-free transport of chain locks.


  • Adapter for attaching a lock holder under the saddle
  • Suitable for the QST QuickStore holder

Operation and use

  • For attaching the QuickStore holder (QST) under the saddle


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Weight: 65 g
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